Boys – Grades 3 and 4

The months of April, May, and June have been a wonderful opportunity for my class to study the Word of God. How it spoke to the prophets, to the apostles, and up to our present generation. As a Sunday school teacher, I encouraged my class in memorizing scriptures, understanding scriptures, how it applies in their life, and the results it brings in their personal walk with the Lord. The boy’s are encouraged to pray before each class, actively participate in class discussions and a summary discussion at every conclusion of our lesson.

It has been a great blessing for me to see these young boy’s willing to learn God’s Word and its practical application to be a part of their daily walk with the Lord. I am most excited when I see someone respond to a salvation invitation to receive the Lord as Savior. It is my desire to see them grow in the saving knowledge in the truth of the Gospel of our Lord. To God be the glory.

Mr. Tanglao

3rd & 4th Grade Boy's Sunday SChool Class